Makarra Bushproducts cc- Environment is important to us

"Makarra Bushproducts cc" ensure that all its suppliers adhere to the Namibian government's strict forestry regulations.

Many Namibian farms are covered in encroaching bush, i.e. there is strong growth of bush but very little grass and other vegetation. By harvesting the invader bush, our charcoal producers create room for grass and a variety of plants that have been suppressed by it. The result is improved grazing for game and cattle while predators like the cheetah which prefers open savanna landscapes for hunting will find more prey.

During a survey we conducted among different charcoal producers, several reasons for making charcoal emerged: the possibility of starting a business and becoming self-employed with relatively small financial means. Entrepreneurially minded people from all ethnic groups have the opportunity to set up their own business which in turn provides jobs and a livelihood for more people who might have previously been unemployed.

There are not only financial advantages for the charcoal burners but the owner or farmer also benefits as the encroaching bush is pushed back and open pastures are gained. Benefits are an increase of biodiversity as a result of selective debushing as well as more grass for cattle and game and thus increased yields.

Many farmers produce charcoal or receive small rents from the charcoal burners and this helps them to generate an additional income. Without it, many farmers would not be able to continue farming.

Every farm covered in encroaching bush is a loss to humans and animals.

Our entire product range is DIN Norm certified. It is furthermore of a high ecological value as it is not produced from tropical hardwoods. "Makarra Bushproducts cc" is pursuing environmental certification.