Makarra Bushproducts cc - Our Vision

Our promise to our customers:
Supply of high-quality products at a fair price.
Production in accordance with strict environmental guidelines and certification.
Reliable partners for our customers through constant and close communication with our suppliers.
Comprehensive and competent customer service and advice.
Fair and safe working conditions for "Makarra Bushproduct cc" staff, incl. good, performance-related pay.

Our promise to our charcoal suppliers:
Transparency in all our business dealings with our suppliers.
"Makarra Bushproducts cc" is a reputable and reliable partner because our main goal is to market Namibian charcoal.
Innovation and environmentally-friendly practices
We invite every charcoal producer who shares our aims, to join forces with us.

Our promise to our employees:
"Makarra Bushproducts cc" can only produce the best possible product with the help of its motivated and well-trained workforce. To achieve this, we concentrate on:
An open and fair work environment.
Fair treatment of our staff and the offer of safe jobs.
Awareness of the importance of being a reliable employer by offering workers a livelihood in the long-term.