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It is very important to "Makarra Bushproducts cc" that production generates as little waste as possible and that the charcoal is packaged, transported and marketed in a clean and environmentally-friendly manner. This is achieved with the help of our dedicated and well-trained personnel as well as effective packing machines.

We package charcoal and charcoal briquettes according to our customers' requirements in paper bags of up to 18 kg. For household use, we pack in 3-5kg bags and for the catering industry 10kg and 15kg bags are packed. Our own-label charcoal and charcoal briquettes are packaged in practical 4 kg bags.

Our charcoal comes in two different grain sizes, 20-60mm and 40-60mm. The charcoal for restaurants has an average grain size of over 60mm.

"Makarra Bushproducts cc" charcoal is produced exclusively from invader bush. Tropical hardwoods, protected tree species or wood that could be used for other purposes are not being processed by our company. The invader bush is made up of hardwoods which produce a high-quality charcoal with a high calorific value, emits few sparks and produces very little ash.

The charcoal waste products – charcoal dust and small charcoal pieces of less than 20mm size – are turned into charcoal briquettes which burn at an equally high temperature. The burning time is a little longer than with regular charcoal. After a barbecue, little ash remains.

The remainder of the fine charcoal is used in cement production.

A barbecue with our charcoal/briquettes is a pleasure. The charcoal is easy to light and burns at high temperatures for a long time. As an added bonus for the end-user, the cleaning of the grill is easy as only a small amount of ash is left behind.

Here you can read more about the production of charcoal up to the end user.