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Development from the bush to the consumer:

The invader bush is cut.

The wood is chipped.

The barrels are filled.

The wood is lit.

The openings of the barrels are sealed with sand.

The wood carbonizes/chars.

The barrels are emptied. The charcoal cools down.

The charcoal is packed into small and large bags for transport.

The bags are loaded onto the truck. Bags of charcoal
are delivered to Makarra.

The charcoal is sifted.

The charcoal is packaged in bags of different sizes.

The bags are sewn up with a sewing machine.

The final product is being loaded directly into the
container with a conveyor belt.

The bags are carefully stacked in the container so
that they cannot move during transport.

The container is hooked on to the truck.

Drive to Otjiwarongo railway station. The container is loaded onto the railway.


The container is transported by rail to the port of Walvis Bay (approx. 300 km). The Makarra container is loaded onto the vessel that is going overseas.


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